Chef Clothing

Chefs, like many professionals, wear their uniforms just about every day.  A traditional Chef uniform Consists of a Chef Coat, Chef Hat, Chef Pants, Chef Apron, and non-skid shoes. A chef uniform plays a very specific role in protecting you from everyday kitchen dangers.

Chef Hats

Chef Hats keep hair out of your food and sweat off your face.

Chef Aprons

The Chef Apron is an extra barrier against hot splashes, hot foods, and other kitchen dangers.

Chef Jackets

Chef Jackets keep you protected against hot spills, splatters, burns, and other kitchen mishaps. The design of your chef jacket also allows for you to unbutton a flap and switch to a cleaner front if you need to conceal stains or spills. Your chef uniform sleeves are long to protect your arms from burns, splatters, and scalding steam.

Chef Pants

Chef Pants help protect the Chef from hot kitchen temperatures, long chef pants are meant to protect your legs from spills, splashes, and burns. The baggy shape of chef pants keeps hot foods and liquids from making contact with your skin.

Chef Shoes

Anti-Slip Chef Shoes should be Sturdy, comfortable, and are a chef uniform essential. Professional Images has been supplying high quality chef clothing for over 25 years.  We offer the most complete line of chef uniforms in the area.  Don’t be fooled by companies with a limited assortment of brands or product.  We offer brands like Dickies Chef, Chefwear, Chefworks, Chef Revival, Bragard, V-tex Uncommon Threads, Happy Chef, Edwards Chef, Pinnacle Chef, and Chef Edge.